We all crave substance.
We want love.
We want clouds and sometimes funnel cake.
We give and we take and yeah—some of us even break.
Nevertheless, we can all relate to the beauty and love nature gives us every day.
Like flowers and bees, women and men play, full of substance.
Although, it’s a shame most of us never go below to find her.


That letter “p” is something else, isn’t she? Pleasure. Pain. Pussy. Plants. Pills. Periods. Pheromones.

I would say penis— peninsula. Pearls. Pears. Paramount.

Prescriptions. Poles. Patients. Physicians. Patience. Pursue. Produce. Perfection. Procreate. Perseverance. Peep game.

Portraits. Portray. Promises. Promotion.





Prepare. Please.

8 Months

My last published post was uploaded eight months ago and let me tell you, time doesn’t only fly when your having fun but also when your not as well. I won’t say that throughout that time I’ve only had nightmares and horrific experiences but somehow the bad tends to outweigh the good especially when the bad is really bad. Go figure right? Time will pass by regardless if you’re standing still, walking or running, so be sure not to waste it. As I look at the list of things I need to do, I know what is required of myself. I realize the only action that is missing is the definition of the word itself. So I got straight to work. To be continued…


I’m so getting my life from Bey’s surprise album release! Omg. This is just what the girls needed, just in time. Well maybe it’s just me, that’s cool. Beyoncé always KILLS her visuals; every video is slammed packed with beautiful women, dancing, sexy and funky costumestopped off with passionate and relevant poetry. 

That’s a ARTIST right there. Create baby.

People think there’s no way Jay cheated on her; hmmm not saying I don’t agree however the point is that as a woman, you may feel suspicious, not necessarily threatened or intimated but still uneasy about another woman’s presence around YOUR man. This causes you to act differently, asking certain questions and paying closer attention to pointless details. One of my favorite lines is one where she states either she’s jealous or she’s crazy, which is funny because both are seen as negative. Although men don’t always understand, women have        intuition that cannot always be explained, yet usually are correct. 

Moral of the story: love and respect your wife. And if she’s not your wife, treat her as such and she will automatically being value and love in your life. 

Xo 😉


You ever been wondering about something for a extended amount of time? Like you’ve considered every angle, every possibility and every end result. You’ve thought so long and hard about “it” that you’ve now lost track of time and even your original thought that manifested these thoughts. Hmmmm. Yeah, me neither. 😏

Houston has turned out to be gracious and plentiful in everything I want and dream of.. 

I wonder if this should be more black and white? Nope. 

Let’s go through it, right now, as it’s happening. I’ve never been one much to hide. Lol.

I’m sitting here, soaking in the tub, listening to my Bible app.

People can have many relationships with that one man above, as long as it ends with Him I can relate.. 

Reasons I love Twitter… This right here. 

The freedom and richness. Ahh 🙂 

(Sorry I don’t have much to say. But think of the times you were you most focused, weren’t you silent? Cool.) 

Do what you love. Become who you love.

Happy Sunday Funday. 

Book Club Update! 

I’m so excited for all to join me in reading different books for self enhancement and added experiences! A suggestion was made that we add Gone girl by Gillian Flynn the Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obreht, All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Deer and also The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander. I think these are great additions. Y’all ready?! Let’s go! 

First on the list is Art of War by Sun Tzu; so go out AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and grab it! We will complete this by May 15, 2016. Sidebar: you may want to skip the first 80 pages as its a long detailed breakdown of the characters later described. I’m giving everyone extra time to begin because I know this maybe be difficult to get into for some, but you can do it. Focus!

Next, we will go on to The New Jim Crow! I cannot lie I’m beyond excited to read this book in particular because of the many injustices at the forefront of news recently and how much I see similarities from history being carried out now today. In order to better understand where we are going, we must know where we have been. And for the record, none of these reads are limited to one ethnicity but to those who are passionate about life long learning, committing to becoming better individuals. Actually, diversity is encouraged to promote healthy conversation and reasoning. 😉  
Thanks for participating! 


My Top Songs This Week!

It’s that time again. You know when I potentially drop some heat in ya lives. So without further delay, here we go. 

1. My favorite song this week is Thug Talk-Boosie Badass, off his new album. Although it may be considered trap and gangster music, this song can be applied to many obstacles and stages in life. The chorus goes, “we say momma don’t worry, but we can’t promise no worries.. We say sister be cool even when it ain’t cool… Tell our nephews chill, when they wana live just like you..” In a world full of fakes, this is really surreal. For some reason this spoke volumes to me. Good day or bad day, we have to be ok, because life goes on. Period. 

Next. Enough sad talk. Turn up and Be great. 

2. Pushing -I Love Makonnen. Yessssss, this song makes my arms dance like Drake and Future. I be whipping in and out of lanes when I listen to this song. Lol. 

3. Bad Intentions-Niykee Heaton ft Migos

4. Misery- Gwen Stefani (her album is pretty dope if you enjoy pop music.) 

5. Luv Deez H#%^-Yo Gotti (afterwards just let that “down in the dm remix” play, Nicki goes crazy per usual!) 

Ima just leave this right here. 😉

Smash or pass on this list? Let me know!