Goodbye November

It literally flew by! Is it just me i or is time speeding up? 😂 November went by so fast 💨 i hardly remember it.

Anywho, what are we doing for December?? What goals are we working towards for the new year??

I’m extremely proud of myself and the connections I’ve made and have been cultivating. Particularly my business relationship with OakStreet Health has allowed me to lead seniors in chair yoga or aerobics every week.

This may seem like a small thing or something regular but baby, let me tell you it is not! I’m so grateful and I’m constantly working hard to stay focused, healthy, and up to date with the times. I really appreciate everyone who has contributed to my success. I can truly see my visions coming into fruition.

I’m not where i want to be yet but I’m further than i was before and for that i am joyful and proud 🥲.

I hope you find and have something that makes you feel your magic whenever you see, hear, touch, taste or smell it; the feeling is truly unmatched.

Try meditation and yoga. 🧘🏾‍♀️

Peace and blessings.

Let’s welcome December with open arms, a clear mind, positive intentions and kindness for ourselves and others!

Happy October

Wow, October flew by like a breeze! Geesh, i could barely catch my breath! Happy birthday 🎉 to meeee of course but there seemed to never be enough time.

Being grateful 🥹 allows you to experience and appreciate new blessings and things..

While watching “from scratch” on Netflix, i realized….

I’m tired 🥱 but not like literally or in a physical sense but in an overall sense of the matter.

I’m tired of being alone.

I’m surrounded by people a lot of times and yet it’s rare that i don’t feel alone. And although, i really like being alone, it hits different when you don’t have a choice but to be alone😭😭. (But ima trust the process)

I’m tired of not having anyone to call when i see something funny, wondering if I’ll have someone to laugh with sooner or later, with my same type of humor, or as i grow older.

I’m tired of doing things right and not getting any where. I mean I’ve done it almost correctly and i have less to show for “it” than ppl that sinned since they were two.

Being grown while you’re supposed to be a child and moving out of your hometown have to be the biggest life hacks, but idk, i still won’t recommend it bc it seems ghetto.

I didn’t have multiple children or any for that matter and yet it can feel like im being punished for choosing wisely.

I didn’t make permanent decisions with temporary people, at least not in that way;

I shared parts of me I’ll never get back but im also creating new depths and heights, no one has even seen.

Im so proud of myself.

Like You’re really doing it Raven! 😌🥰🙌🏾

I hold myself accountable, (most days).

Im not all peaches and cream but im damn

sure more good than bad even on my worst day.

I went to school to better my life and those around me and i live my life in servitude practically every single day.

I risk my life, my health, my sanity, my emotions, my time, my back, my knees, my wrists, my feet and my eyes to ensure the safety of the people around me.

And i love what i do. It gives me so much joy, even just seeing others faces when they feel better or when they understand an idea better, lights my soul for a moment or so.

But as that moment passes, I’m reminded that as much caring as i do for others, who cares for me??

Who do i have to talk to?

Who cares what i ate today?

Who keeps my bed warm?

Who remembers to turn the kettle on?

I have sooooooo much to be grateful 🥲 for and i am, but every so often i wonder 💭 why am i being punished for wanting and doing more?

Is this what it takes to accomplish my dreams??

Is this what they mean when they say it’s lonely at the top?

Is this why so many amazingly successful black women are single?

Who is choosing to love me?

Who is choosing to meet me where i am and do the work WITH me??

Is this the process to my version of peace and happiness?

How do i know???

I do know I’m on the right path bc it feels right, but got dammmmmnn this shit ain’t for the weak.

I’ve thought about settling more times than I’m proud of but i would never be able to look myself in the mirror.

To have and be loved as Raven, but not to be fulfilled as Raven….


I’m doing what feels right in my heart.

So with all this in mind, i have to admit that I’m scared..

I’m scared that i may not have the fairy tale i dream of at night.

I’m scared i won’t have the pleasures of seeing my baby’s first steps.

I’m scared my mom won’t get to hold her grandchild and make ridiculous noises and faces.

I’m scared i won’t have a family to call my own. MINES.

I’m scared i might have to do it alone.

I’m scared of having endless memories of solo travel experiences…

I’m scared I’m trading those experiences for other ones, and i can’t tell if they’re worth it or better..

Was it all worth it??

I live with no regrets, but i just like to reflect.

Never settle. Keep pushing forward.

Peace ☮️ and blessings. 😎

Travel nurse chronicles

Last night while working, i walked past one of my for workers, another registered nurse, and he was checking his investment account and the balance said 444,344.

I didn’t make a big deal nor did i ask him what he was invested in, however it’s good for thought. Any one of us can become millionaires tomorrow; all we have to do is make better choices and invest consistently today.

There’s so much money out here to be made and had. Wyd?

Peace and blessings.

Hey 👋 guys!!!

I just want to give everyone a friendly reminder.

Washing 🧼 your hands ✋ without soap, isn’t really washing your hands.

Washing your hands without friction or rubbing, is not washing your hands.

So washing your body, isn’t letting the water 🚿 run down your body.

You are not washing 🧽 your body if you do not use SOAP.

And you are not washing up if your not actively rubbing and moving the soap 🧼 around the various parts of your body.

Thank you for reading 📖 my TED talk.

Also, stop 🛑 leaving the toilet seat 💺 up. It’s not about being polite to the ladies, it’s simply bc germs 🦠 and bacteria 🧫 spread upwards into the air and can/will land on other surfaces.. Now you got pink eye 👁 (e. Coli 💩 in your eyes; from the toilet to the sink to your face 🙄) I’m being dramatic, most cases come from little children not washing their hands but the point still remains, WASH YOUR HANDS EFFECTIVELY.

Peace ☮️ and Blessings ✨

MUST KNOW about Nipple Piercings – WARNING ⚠️

So about two months ago, I got my nipples pierced. I’ve always wanted them done and it was about $75 bc of a trending sale, so i went for it! It was actually a cool experience, the first nipple was done pretty fast and it simply felt like a pinch. And a quick as it happened, it was over just as quick. The second nipple however stung and hurt more being pierced. I guess my body was aware of the pain and sensations so they hit a bit harder. And strangely enough, the last one continued to hurt and even crust longer than the first one!

Prior to this experience, i didn’t know much about what to expect now or later; i just heard and knew that it was going to hurt to get them pierced. This is the easy part for sure. The first week, i didn’t have to clean them as much, maybe once a day and i didn’t have much coming out as far as drainage is concerned. But the upcoming weeks, things heightened. For the next few weeks, i spent about 20-30 minutes cleaning my new nipple rings at least twice a day. Now, this is semi normal and expected, as i have other body piercings so i feel like i kinda know the drill. If i had to compare my nipple piercing with any other body piercing, it would be the navel/ belly button.

Also, when it comes to clothing I’ve been in sports bras faithfully but sometimes a simple padded bra is nice too. I wouldn’t do lace or anything fancy just yet as it may tug at the rings. The best way is no bra, leaving it open to the air and optimal healing ❤️‍🩹. .

Maybe after a month or so was i comfortable not wearing a bra as much (in general and outside 😉), but it only takes a half of a second for me to brush them against something or accidentally tug them and i regret not having a bra on! The bra mainly serves as protection, forget about needing boob support; i mean it’s really all about the nipples now! 😤😮‍💨😈 I enjoy sleeping on my stomach but I’ve mainly been sleeping on my back now, as it’s safer for my nips…

Now when it comes to cleaning your nipple rings you need to be mindful, careful and patient. It always helps to put water on them first before you even touch them for real. Usually, the best and easiest way to cleanse them, is in the shower. However, every so often i clean them in the sink and my process is actually pretty much the same here as the shower, minus the running water.

Cleaning the nipple rings:

First, pour a handful of cold water on each nipple, submerging the nipples in water once or twice. Sometimes i may do this step more if the rings are really dirty but if not, once or twice is good.

Secondly, grab a few q tips and wet them with cold water and then put Dial antibacterial soap onto them. I usually use one per nipple, so that’s two sides for both sides of the barbells. Sometimes if the rings are really saturated and crusted, I’ll pump some dial soap into my palm and lightly cup my breasts, tapping my nipples with the soap. This allows the soap and water more time to loosen the secretions, making it easier to clean. Try to purchase the dial soap that’s in a dispenser because you’ll be able to use less by putting the q tips in the dispenser as soap comes out, wasting nothing!

Sidebar: you can use warm water if you like, i just like to use cold water because it’s more soothing. Ice 🧊 and cold water is a vasoconstrictor, decreasing the amount of blood flow, sensation and tenderness in the area. This in turn is usually soothing and decreases the pain.

But listen, remember how i said the last nipple hurt and crusted more than the first? Babyyyyyy, the last nipple is still giving me havoc, meanwhile the first nipple barely has and discharge, crusting or tenderness!

After talking to a few different women with their own nipple ring experiences, i learned that sometimes your nipples can crust and have discharge for months and months after piercing. I was floored when i learned this, bc what? Why get them pierced if their going to have to be cleaned two or three times a day for the rest of my life? That sounds like another bill or another chore that i don’t wana deal with! 🥴😵‍💫😐 Nah, but it can take up to a year for them to be fully healed. Wild, but perhaps 🤔 their worth it?; I’ll see soon enough and I’ll let you guys know!

So if you’re thinking of getting yours done, be sure to be ready to clean them consistently for who knows how long and also do your best not to get them infected. Making sure your nipples don’t get infected is your number one priority!

Remember; ways you can help them stay free from infection include:

Cleaning 🧼 them with dial antibacterial soap only.

Use q tips or cotton applicators to throughly clean the entire barbells.

Don’t over clean them, some bacteria 🦠 is good so try not to clean them more than three times a day.

Be careful not to push, pull or bring any tension (pulling, pushing, tugging, gripping, sucking, 🙄) to them as their still tender and healing. ❤️‍🩹

Be mindful of the soaps, conditioners and other products you use on your body, these can enter the holes in your nipples and cause them to get infected. 🫣

You will know that their healed when they no longer hurt or are tender and when you are free from regular drainage and crusting.

Whatever you decide, do it because you want to and you won’t regret it. I’m very pleased with my decision and i look forward to living with these, plus getting new rings and whatnot, ahhh! Yes, yes! 🙌🏾 I’ll keep y’all updated on my healing process and overall journey.

Peace and blessings. Namaste. 🙏🏽

Hello Spring & Summer

Whether you’re moving this spring or next summer, I have a few tips that will help make the transition smoother.

1. First things first, while shopping for a new home, always video record as much as possible. Nothing is too much. From the moment you step out your car, to the second you walk back to your car, you should be filming. Aim the camera more so upward to record the ceiling heights and etc. Being able to remember whether the windows are floor to ceiling or if the place faces the east or the west, will be tricky come decision day; so these pictures and videos are vital to your happiness and longevity in your new home.

2. While inside your potential new home turn the water on in the kitchen, hot and cold. Make sure there aren’t any weird noises when the hot water runs. This is also good to make to access the water temperatures with timing, upon other things. (Currently my faucet in the kitchen makes a high pitch sound when turned to the high water..thank God for dishwashers😫)

3. Use the restroom during your tour. Get a feel of how it will be in your new place. See if the door closes weird or doesn’t lock. Notice if there’s any noises after flushing or if the water pressure doesn’t flush all the way. Of course assess the faucet water while washing your hands as well. Sometimes the water pressure in either the sink or the toilet may be low and unfulfilling. Notice if you’re washing your hands comfortably or if you need more water, more pressure or whatever. (Currently, my toilet makes a annoying yet bearable sound after flushing, lasting about 10 seconds; but still😒).

4. Do save at least 2 months of expenses! Like seriously and literally! Save money for your new rent, car note, phone bill, cable and other subscriptions you have. I know people say it all the time, so it’s almost redundant but it’s extremely important, if it’s not the most important tip of all the tips! Anything and everything can and will happen at some point. Accidents happen, so be prepared for anything. Family and friends can attest to this and you don’t want to have to rely on anyone else for your safety and security.

5. Lastly, try to organize and pack as best as you can. Use labels and mark everything, even if it’s simply with markers. It sounds cliche but it’s also necessary and critical when you’re looking for certain things in a rush or last minute. (I’m still looking for sunglasses and i moved two months ago😤).

6. Also!!! Try to remember to bring a Bluetooth speaker with you so you can test the sound and the walls to know if you’ll be upsetting your neighbors or not. Play a song and walk around and even walk out into the hallway to see, if you can hear the sound still.

Happy moving! And more life. Xo.

Chicago Defender

Robert Sengstacke Abbott was an American lawyer, newspaper publisher and editor. He founded The Chicago Defender in 1905, which grew to have the highest circulation of any black-owned newspaper in the country. Did you hear me? A black man created one of the most popular newspapers in the United States of America! Amazing balls. I love it. I didn’t even know this, I feel proud and honored to be a black Chicagoan. Anyway, now we all know another random fun fact and it includes our African American brothers and sisters at the same time. Life is good. Be intentional and present every day. Xo.

Late ⏰ Post

Happy Feb 1st (happy February in general)

Today i moved into my new place. What a way to start black history month off, right? Well actually i got the my keys last night before i went to work but nevertheless, I’m pretty geeked; i love my new place and what it’s bringing into my life. Coincidentally, I’m starting to like my travel 🧭 assignment also. Lol, seriously yes. God is so good. I love it.

It’s so funny bc I’m four weeks in on my contract and although the staff can be difficult and petty as hell sometimes, i believe they do so to determine the hard workers and if you’re truly compassionate and loving. This also weeds out the no nonsense people from the push overs. I mean the more i think about this almost like bullying nurse culture the more reasons i seem to almost understand for them being this way. And it really stems from being overprotective and overly passionate about their patients and their work, which is understandable. But of course, bullying is not okay. Yelling at one another is not okay. Hazing is not okay. Any form of abuse, verbal, physical, and financial abuse is never okay.

There seems to be an invisibly visible gap line between travel nurses and veteran nurses. Sometimes it’s simply because of differences in communication and leadership styles. Or maybe the seasoned nurse takes longer than usual to explain or show her instructions, this is usually regarding charting. This can go either way, for as long as you want or you can choose to smile through all the bullshit. It’s totally up to you. As black history month begins, let’s celebrate our strength, beauty, intelligence, faithfulness and love 💕 for one another, including those that came before us and those we’re preparing to be great leaders.

Oh, treat a black person to lunch one day this week! Don’t tell anyone or make it weird but just do it.


Look at my schedule, I’ve been doing 60 hour weeks and going to the gym in the am, after work. INSANE! But effective… As i type this, my eyelids are heavy, but still, I KEEP PUSHING. What are you working towards?

Smile more. Laugh more. Love more.


Not so Valentine’s Day playlist

Fav songs 4 BHM

Cheers 🥂 Black history month and black artist 👩‍🎨 inspired and made by music 🎶 | some of my favs of these 20’s + what I’ve been listening to lately..

Some songs help you remember the good, the bad and the ugly, some songs remind you why you’re THAT person, and other songs just feel good listening and moving to, it just depends, but it’s all good.

Acknowledge and accept.

Love is the new black -Anthony Hamilton

I feel beautiful – Fantasia

Sober – Pink

I found myself – Ciara

Bad habit – Destiny Child

Get it together – India Arie

A heart that heals – Kevin LeVar

There’s Hope – India Arie

Ice 🧊 T – Tems

Whoa – Snoh Aalegra

Flawless -Dsvn

Bet it back – Two chainz

Pop music – two chainz

Lost Kings – Two chainz

Do we have a problem -Nicki Minaj

Hrs and Hrs – Muni Long

Pink moon – pink sweats

Midnight river – pink sweats

Outlawz – Rick Ross

Revelations -Rick Ross

Kincy – Magic 🪄

Kincy – Weekend

Polo G -Don’t play

Polo G – Start it up again

Doja Cat – Woman 😂✌🏾