Conspiracy or conconindence ?🥴🤢

(I highly recommend you read my previous post so that this story flows better.)

So the other day i had a hair appt and i had just got off work, so i came to my agency appointed hotel room to prepare. I came in my room and i felt like things were just off but i had to use the restroom so i went to the toilet and saw there was a bowel movement in the toilet 🚽 already. 🤯😳😖🤭 I was confused 😕 bc I’m very vain about hygiene and i almost always check behind myself after flushing and so forth. Plus the stool didn’t even look like how my stools look! But i shrugged my shoulders and thought maybe this was that 1% of time, that maybe i forgot to flush… which still seemed impossible and weird as hell but whatever i had things to do right? So i left out. Rushing to get a quick run in, i saw housekeeping outside my room as i was heading to the gym so i asked her to clean my room also, she said okay, what room? and wrote the number down. I came back to my room and saw she was working her way up closer to my room, so i went to give her a tip and her entire aura was different and she shook her head several times. She stated, i cannot do your room, you have to call the front desk, i don’t have your room, someone else has your room. Kinda taken back, i was like umm ok…whatever. Then guess what? I found out my room phone didn’t work. Ok cool, fast forward, i tell the front desk about the room and need for cleaning… Then I walk to the garage and the elevator isn’t working, so i had to walk up the ramp and however many flights of stairs to get to the fourth floor. 🙄😓 Okay, A small win or whatever, even though I’m just looking like mannn wow, they need to get it together! Yada yada yada. Now, i didn’t get my hair done untilllllll the next day. And as I’m almost done, i get a a text from one my my coworkers, stating that she’s checking out the hotel and ending her contract. I texted back instantly and when she didn’t respond, i called. (I’m not including her name on purpose)

She proceeded to tell me what i already knew about the horrible attitudes and actions of staff members on the assigned contract. However what came next, i wasn’t prepared for. She told me about her strange experiences in her room and that another nurse literally found two people in her room. I mean she physically saw these people sneaking and geeking in her hotel room. And when questioned and confronted, it was said that they were looking for bath towels, oh and conveniently, no one spoke English. 🥶😰😑 Instantly, i thought of my experience, 24 hours prior when i knew i wasn’t tweaking, but i was pressed for time, had no sleep and didn’t really wana be the problem child. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Wild as hell…

Moral of the story: believe what you know to be true in your heart and always do everything you can for your safety. To be alert 🚨 is to be alive.

Also, Update:::

I went to my local African braid shop and they got me alllll the way together, soooo yeah. I’m happy, not stressed and beyond blessed 🥲.


New hair stylists in 2022, what do y’all actually do?

As a 30 year young black woman 👩🏾 i am constantly appalled at the lack of professionalism and common courtesy in the beauty industry. Shit is really sad. Today i had an appointment for some Knotless braids. I had just got off work at 0730, did a lil workout and got to my appointment at 0945, 15 minutes late. As i entered the shop there was a girl sitting in the chair on the left with her head in her phone and on the right, an older woman 👵🏾 nicely spoke to me and i greeted her in return, saying good morning. She then asked me who i was here for and i fumbled a bit, beginning to look in my phone to retrieve the girls name. Meanwhile this said hair stylist was just sitting there, didn’t say gm, or hey 👋 are u getting knotless, are you Raven? I mean, she literally said NOTHING. Untillll, i found her information in my phone and said her name and then she looked up at me and said, “your appointment was at 0930, you’re late.” I simply just looked back at her. Catching my idgaf sense of the matter she then asked me where my braiding hair was. Babyyyyyyy, what? So now I’m telling/asking her that she wants me to pay $325 annnddd purchase all these packs of braiding hair?? Nah lil baby, I’ll pass. So i left. She told me about a beauty supply nearby i could go to, but i was already disgusted by her demeanor and lack of communication. The icing 🧁 on the cake was looking at my email as i pulled in the driveway and seeing that she canceled my appointment at 0945; so I’m pretty sure that’s what she was doing as i walked in and she didn’t care to speak 🗣. But that’s fine bc i didn’t make it clear that i wouldn’t be returning; left her sitting there waiting and trying to figure it out. For however long that would take. I mean i thought about just buying the hair and going back bc it’s possible i simply didn’t read the booking site but it was about the principle for me and more importantly the energy; i don’t wana be around anyone that doesn’t want to be around me. That’s period.

The moral of the story is that although you’re probably working for yourself, you are still in the SERVICE industry. You’re here to help other women feel better about themselves.

Always be professional. Your services and the client comes first, not your feelings or whatever else you have going on. Being this way is the simplest and most effective way to grow a successful brand and company.

Growing up, I remember going to salons and the hair stylist literally did EVERYTHING, she washed and deep conditioned my hair, clipped my ends and then styled it in whatever way i desired that day. But these days, 90% of stylists want you to come to their chair with your hair already washed and blow dried. Which is weird as hell bc i thought that was the point of going to them. (There’s nothing like getting a head massage, omg!) But then again the name does simply state stylist, so maybe they’re not entitled to do more than “style” the hair. 🥴 Personally, if you don’t care and know about black hair overall and mines specifically, then i don’t need you playing in my head. (Bc ultimately that’s all you’re doing, playing freaking Barbie in my head!) I can watch YouTube and figure this shit out myself TBA. But Sometimes i just don’t want to, i don’t have the time or the energy as my list of things to do is never ending…

Getting your hair done used to be an experience; i mean it was a whole vibe, sit and talk and laugh for hours with your favorite hair dresser and even some new girls you just met. And maybe you even got some good food and some new perfume from the local loiters. All while getting pampered and beautified, but now… it’s stressful as hell and all about clicking links, paying deposits, watching videos to DIY, paying lucrative amounts of money, trying new hair products and hair extensions and being left to continue to manage and figure out your hair regimen on your own. The dreaded cycle continues.

Man, it’s rough for the black woman. All we want is quality hair care and beauty services on the regular basis!!! (Speaking of men, imagine if a barber told guys to come with their hair already cut and they’re only doing linings, or vice versa? Guys couldn’t handle this kind of pressure bc it’s too much and too frequent.)

So if you’re thinking of doing hair, makeup or any other beauty services, do me a favor and take it seriously. Go to school, get your license, study and perfect your craft, be nice, be professional, truly dive into your passion and everything else will follow. The girls thank you in advance!! Xo 🙂

HNY 2022 🥳🥂

Happy new year! It’s 2022!

For the last six days of 2021, i went to Tulum, Mexico for a yoga retreat. It was amazing with highs and lows, for different reasons. We practiced yoga every morning and every evening, pushing ourselves physically and mentally with the challenging poses and focusing on resting ones during the nighttime. I truly enjoyed myself. I met some wonderful people, all who were from different parts of the world, yet we were all there for the same reason, healing ❤️‍🩹. I believe I received and began processes of self healing and alignment in this stage of my life journey. Who knows how many times i will have to explore this, this kind of healing, in this capacity, for these emotions and actions of mine. More and more I’m seeing that this is a lifelong process, sometimes greater than others but nevertheless always needing to improve and do the work.

Although, i don’t have 100% clarity on all of my thoughts and emotions right now in this moment, I’m learning that that’s okay as long as i accept that and keep going. And that’s what i intend to do, keep going. 🙂

I hope you continue to push forward in your journey also.


SoFancyYoga – Zoom

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Different perspective

So most travel nurses want to work in hospitals and i get that; it’s common, familiar and usually they pay the most. But what if your missing out on more knowledge, less work, and a bigger impact??


Long term acute care facilities are just as much hospitals although many of us automatically write them off as nursing homes or some where we don’t want to work or just whatever. But, these facilities act as liaisons for patients who aren’t ready to go home just quite yet. So the post covid patients needing to be weaning off the ventilators, the gun shot victim needing wound care, or the motor vehicle accident patient and stroke patient who needs emotional and physical support via rehab. All of these patient need nurses. They need patient care technicians. They need compassion. They need understanding. Some need respiratory, speech and physical therapists.

We are needed.

How is it only TWO of these types of facilities in the entire metropolitan city of Chicago??

Working here has opened my eyes tremendously. Not only can life change for any single one of us At any given time but also, it only takes a smile to make a difference in someone’s life. I hope you smile when given the chance. 🙂

Fav songs this month

These songs are a mix of slow chill Viibes mixed with some fun upbeat joints; both make me feel energized and positive or happy. Feel free to try to listen to enjoy and understand..

Need to know – Doja Cat 🐱

Sad girlz luv money – Amaare + Kali Uchis

Doja Cat – Options

Love and be Loved – Zenesoul

Young Thug and Drake – Bubbly

Nardo Wick – Wicked Witch

Somebody’s Son – Zenesoul

Mercedes – Brent Faiyaz

Woman – Doja Cat 🐱

Toxic – Summer Walker + Durk

Wet Dreams – Sevy Streeter + Jeremih

Quickie – Hitmaka + Queen Najia

Don’t say a word – dsvn + ty dolla

Btw, Idk who writes for Doja Cat but they’re killing the game right now! I’m interested to see behind the scenes and learn about what all she’s going through during her journey and career as she’s becoming a music star.

It’s okay

Sometimes, I say it’s okay but it’s really not. I say it’s okay bc i want it the pain to stop. I say it’s okay bc i believe that it will be one day. I say it’s okay bc i rather smile than cry any day. I say it’s okay bc if i show you my heart what will you do? Will you stay? Will you make sure everything’s truly okay. I say everything’s okay because i want to see you smile. I want to be okay. Maybe I’m really okay and don’t know it yet, it’s that possible? To be or not to be. Just to be okay . What does being okay even mean? Is it being content with everything at that very moment if nothing ever changes or is does it mean to be okay with everything around you including your partner’s perspective and your current status? Or is it both? Or is it simply your emotional, mental and physical state at that very moment? What does it mean to be “okay”?

Cue Kanye “ok ok”… from DONDA. “Hit a wound, then stab me again… see me in person n i look like a ghost 👻! Okay, okay, think you’re good but it’s not okay… tell you a story with a bad ending Bc I’m not a Seuss. Moment of silence, rip 🪦 to juice. If they say it’s up, it’s up, i don’t need a truce. Everything i do, is solely for the broken youth. … showed you love and u constantly cold shouldered me! I’m done with all the fake shit, i had enough of that! They say with with you but they putting on a act. You can hear the pain Bc i put my all in it…..”


Moral of the story: it’s okay, not to be okay. (Because one day you will be okay again; feel better ❤️‍🩹 yet? 😉)

Don’t mind me, I’m just going through all my emotions and the process so i can control it.

8 Week Travel Assignment Ends And A New One Begins

So many thoughts and emotions. I’m grateful to have met so many cool people and to have made so much money but a part of me feels sad that this good pay is ending so soon. Rookie mistake: not checking exempt on short term assignments under taxes. Also, this staffing agency I’m working with has their payroll for work days Sunday through Saturday., so this is important when working overtime each week, pay attention to how you schedule yourself to ensure your working and getting paid for your overtime that week.

Story time..

So it’s two days left in this current assignment and then it’s over. It’s back to the drawing board-to an extent. Time to solidify a new assignment; although I’ve been applying to several contracts already, I just haven’t committed to anything just yet..

I’m working days currently and I’ve called my agency twice now and been on hold each time for at least an hour, when my coworker comes downstairs excitedly telling me there’s another available contract in Chicago, starting next week! Immediately i rush on her phone to speak with the recruiter. She asks me a few questions, I respond and she gets me submitted.

Same amazing rate, $115 per hour. Only 36 hours a week. Time and a half after 36hrs.

Plus a hotel room and bus transportation to and from every shift for another eight weeks.

Bomb. Like won’t God do it? 🏆

November 1 comes and we’re in orientation. There’s much that can be said about this hospital orientation but to keep it short and sweet, this facility is an liaison for icu patients and rehab for the most part. This is understandable and makes sense. No biggie right?

My travel nurse buddy gets assigned to days and I’m assigned to nights… We received orientation from the education department and then were expected to hit the ground running 🏃🏾‍♀️ afterwards., without any unit orientation. My SoFancy travel nurse buddy didn’t have a welcoming or pleasant experience the next morning and she decided to leave and terminate her contract. I later, came in and found this to be if not my best assignment, one of the best ones for sure.

I can automatically say that it’s one of my best assignments after working here two nights for several reasons:

The population of patients are either alert, needing physical assistance and pain management or mechanically ventilated, headed towards weaning off the machine.

In each case the ancillary staff assigned, takes care of everything regarding the ventilator, activities of daily living and etc so the registered nurse has less to do than usual. If there are any beeps or troubleshooting issues with the ventilator, the respiratory therapist takes care of it. The patient care technicians check all the vitals, accuchecks, and do patient care routinely.

Most patients don’t have a ton of medications and if they do, they gave a gtube, allowing easy and quick access. Aside from the revolving pain medication administration, everything seems straightforward and simple. This is my type of party.

And so far there doesn’t seem to be any micromanaging, which i despise so much, so I’m happy.

Although I’m grateful my SoFancy travel nurse bae put me on this contract assignment, I’m a little disappointed she didn’t stay with me; we were about to RUN IT UP! But in her defense, she did say that she doesn’t like tracheostomy’s and vented patients so I believe that’s ultimately why she left.

So the moral of this story is know yourself. All good money, isn’t good, especially if your peace of mind is at risk, it won’t be worth it. But also understand what you’re signing up for, as a travel nurse, you are expected to hit the ground running in any setting that you state that you have experience in. Supplies, medications, and charting systems are generally unanimous nationwide, so take a deep breath 😮‍💨 and get shit done. 🙃

From my heart to yours, Namaste.

Bed 🛌 Yoga 🧘🏾‍♀️

So today i slept over my boyfriend’s house and i don’t have a yoga mat there yet i still wanted to practice yoga so i decided to do so while in the bed. All of the poses i did were sitting and laying postures so it worked out smoothly. The hardest part was a tie between keeping my balance on the mattress and staying awake. Since the bed is incredibly relaxing and comfortable by nature it takes some effort to remain present and intentional all while holding yoga poses.

I practiced for about 30 minutes give or take. Some poses were more challenging than others like bridge pose versus the pigeon poses. Bridge pose caused me to have to hold and balance my weight equally between my arms, MY ABS and my feet. Whew! This also got me thinking 🤔; I could offer yoga 🧘🏾‍♀️ exercises in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities for bed ridden patients and physically active patients as well. Obviously, the two would be categorized by activity and both groups will have to be coherent and able to follow commands for 15-35 minutes.

I never knew being a nurse would be such a huge part of who i am and who I’m becoming. Of course I’m more than a nurse, but being a nurse is one of the best things i ever did and I’m continuing to do this thing and although i don’t always enjoy the stresses the career brings, i love it and i don’t know what else i would be doing otherwise. I’m so grateful for all of the beautiful people I’ve met and that i learn from while figuring this thing called life out.

Anyway , bedside yoga might be the new wave. If you don’t use it you lose it. We’ll see soon enough. Let’s bring yoga 🧘🏾‍♂️ 🧘🏾‍♀️to healthcare!

From my heart, to yours.

Create Sex

Have you ever noticed that when your creative juices are flowing, you’re also pretty horny?

Or is it just me? I can’t be the only one! I believe there’s a connection in the two energies. Sex can be creative depending on your style and preferences. Just as making art 🖼 in whatever way-drawing, painting, designing fashion or decor, DIY projects, scrapbooking and etc, it’s all creative energy.

I guess that’s why it’s so dope that Method Man said “We can make war or we can make babies” in the song, “I’ll be there for you”. Because it’s so simple yet so true. We can create anything we want with our minds first, then our hands and last with and for each other. God snapped. Give your mother and father or whoever is family to you a hug and kiss today for no reason. Just because life is precious and time doesn’t wait. Let’s go create something positive to leave our babies.

From my heart to yours. Xo